Senior Applications Engineer

Posted 11 months ago

DESCRIPTION:  Determines independently complex equipment concepts, develops a written proposal response to a request for quotation which is within RWC’s capabilities and adheres to customer specifications.  Estimates accurate direct costs, includes firm quotations on special or major purchased components, and describes special areas such as mechanical motion, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical controls.

REQUIREMENTS:  A level of knowledge generally associated with completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or a closely related field.  A minimum of 3 years of progressively more responsible experience in all aspects of applications engineering.  Administrative and organizational skills needed for coordinating the activities of customers with other RWC Departments, as needed, during quoting phase.  Analytical ability needed for developing and quoting accurate equipment cost.  Interpersonal skills sufficient to interact with all management levels, customers, vendors, and other employees.  Organizational skills to work on several complex projects simultaneously in order to meet required quoting requirements.  Ability to work using computers and adapt to applicable software.  Must be able to work in a team work environment.

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