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About RWC, Inc.

We Provide Manufacturing Solutions for Your Needs

• Automated Welding • Multiple Welding Formats
• Metal Forming • Metal Fabricating
• Assembly Systems • Adhesive Bonding
• Fastening, Piercing & Notching
• Robotics Integration

Providing Products and Services that Excel in Quality, Reliability, Timeliness, and Value.

RWC was founded in February 1945 in Bay City, Michigan and incorporated under the name Resistance Welder Corporation in October of that year. In April 1979, the firm name was changed to RWC, Inc. In the early 1950s, RWC began designing multiple-station welding machines with mechanical parts handling between stations and subsequently moved into the field of metal forming (i.e., bending and shaping).

Today, RWC occupies a 123,330 square-foot manufacturing facility on a 13-acre site adjacent to I-75 freeway, with easy access to MBS International Airport.