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RWC, Inc. Located In Bay City, Michigan

Creating Machinery For All Your Processing Needs


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We Provide Manufacturing
Solutions for
Your Needs

• Automated Welding

• Multiple Welding Formats

• Metal Forming

• Metal Fabricating

• Assembly Systems

• Adhesive Bonding

• Fastening, Piercing
     & Notching

• Robotics Integration

RWC Incorporated - Custom manufacturing machines

Design and Production of Innovative Manufacturing Systems

RWC is a global leader in the design and production of  innovative manufacturing systems, with primary markets in the appliance and automotive industries.

Our flexible solutions can provide any production line requirements, from the most basic to the most advanced automated processes. RWC's systems, engineered and designed to your specs and space limitations, are capable of performing multiple functions to accomplish your final product goal. Our qualified research and development department can design an automation process to meet your production and material handling needs with superior cost effectiveness and efficiency.


2105 S. Euclid Avenue   ■  P.O. Box 920  ■  Bay City, MI 48707-0920          Company Directory: (989) 684-4030  ■  Sales: (989) 671-6946 or (989) 671-6905  ■  Fax: (989) 684-3960